"BRAIN HYGIENE. Just as we provide for routine physical exams, properly fitting equipment, and sports instruction for our youth, we should consider baseline neuropsychological screening to help care for a most vital part of their bodies, their brains." ~ Dr. Rosemarie Moser  
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We assist athletes, families, schools, teams, athletic trainers, coaches, and physicians with…

Play audio Dr. Moser speaks on what you need to know about Baseline Testing (Audio)

Dr. Moser presents at the Harvard Medical School, MomsTEAM Institute Sept. 2014.


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Ahead of the Game:
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Dr. Moser introduces Brain Hygiene to Youth Soccer
in Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy October, 2015.

Dr. Moser in Italy

Dr. Moser and Mr. Ron Jaworski, ESPN Commentator and Former Philadelphia Eagles QB.
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Play Video Dr. Moser is featured in the PBS documentary: The Smartest Team.


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