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Ahead of the Game:
The Parents' Guide to Youth Sports Concussion

by Rosemarie S. Moser Ph.D.


Ahead of the Game is the first trade book of its kind, and will be eagerly anticipated by parents, coaches, teachers, and health care professionals alike. Ahead of the Game not only covers the nuts and bolts of identification, management, and treatment of concussion in youth—in user-friendly, easy-to-understand language—it will also introduce the reader to a new concept in preventive medicine: Brain Hygiene. Just as our children receive dental hygiene and routine physical exams, there are steps we can take to protect their most vital organ—the brain—before an injury occurs.


Foreword is written by U. S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.

Publication Date: Spring 2012


Available at your favorite independent bookstore. 
Click Here to Purchase.


This short but powerful look at sports-related concussions in children and teens should be required reading for all parents…” Publishers Weekly.

"This thoroughly readable book brilliantly provides parents, coaches and others working with children in all sports, with the most important lessons and information needed to protect young minds.”

Brooke de Lench

MomsTeam | Founder/Publisher, Author: HOME TEAM ADVANTAGE: The Critical Role of Mothers In Youth Sports (HarperCollins)

"Once the occurrence of concussions in sports was not considered serious.  Within recent years the issue of youth sports related concussions has become a "hot button" topic as there has been very strong evidence in the medical community that concussions left undiagnosed and untreated could have a far reaching impact on families.  In Ahead of the Game, Dr. Moser successfully takes on the mission to educate and share her experience and knowledge as a neuropsychologist, researcher and sports mom to help other parents understand the critical importance of keeping kids' brains safe."

Harry Carson

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006, Author: Captain For Life: My Story as a Hall of Fame Linebacker (St. Martin’s Press)

"We are very fortunate to have Dr. Rosemarie Moser as our team’s concussion doctor. She truly understands our players and how to protect their brains. I commend her for creating this guidebook that will help protect the brains of our young athletes.”

Ron Jaworski

Co-owner, Philadelphia Soul Arena Professional Football Team, ESPN Monday Night Football Commentator, Former Philadelphia Eagles NFL Quarterback, Author: The Games that Changed the Game: The Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays (ESPN)

“I am honored to be included in this guidebook on sports concussion in kids, and I commend Dr. Rosemarie Moser on her efforts to educate the public.” 

U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr.

Co-Chair, Congressional Task Force on Brain Injury

"I support Dr. Rosemarie Moser's efforts to raise parental awareness in the recognition and recovery of their children that suffer sports related concussions.  Enabling parents to identify the signs and symptoms of concussion, will minimize the chances of second impact syndrome and lead to an increased focus on injury prevention."

Coach Bobby Hosea

Founder / President of Train 'Em Up Academy. Inc.

"This is not just another book on a trendy medical topic. Dr. Rosemarie Moser is a passionate clinician whose extensive experience with sports related concussions caused me to dramatically change my own methods for evaluation and treatment. Having the opportunity to work and engage in public forums side by side with her has given me a first hand view of how much the public needs to be made aware of this topic. It is only fitting that she be the one to pen this text."

G. Luke Hensel, MSSM, ATC, LAT, SCC

Head Athletic Trainer, Princeton Day School Professional Player and Head Athletic Trainer Buxmont F.C.Torch - National Premier Soccer League

"Dr. Moser brings her decades of experience as a clinician, as a researcher, and most importantly, as a parent, to the fore-front, in order to help others understand and manage this most perplexing and elusive injury.  If your child is playing sports at any level, this book is a 'must read' for you, as well as your child's coach and physician." 

Philip Schatz, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, St. Joseph’s University

"In her new book, Ahead of the Game: The Parents’ Guide to Your Child’s Sports Concussion, Dr. Rosemarie Scolaro Moser takes her extensive clinical and research experience into the living room to give parents the nitty-gritty information that they need to understand the current flap over sport-related concussions. Dr. Moser explains what concussions are, how they can affect the developing brains of children, how to facilitate recovery from concussions, and how to know that your concussed child is ready to return to activity. For parents, the news reports of athletes who suffer serious outcomes after concussions in sport raise questions about whether their children should risk playing some sports. Dr. Moser explains how risk can be evaluated and minimized, but also describes the red flags to look for in unsupervised leagues and youth sports. She tells parents how they can become involved in their communities so as to protect their children and keep the fun and “play” in sports."

Frank M. Webbe, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, Author: Handbook of Sports Neuropsychology (Springer Publishers)

“Dr. Moser’s helpful book discusses the process of managing sport-related concussions within the context of younger participants in sports and focuses on fostering consensus around a child or adolescents’ best interests and their well-being through cross-disciplinary teamwork. I recommend this excellent presentation and discussion on sports-related concussion for any parent who has many more questions than answers about the role of concussions in sports.” 

Eric Zillmer, Psy.D.

Director of Athletics & Professor of Neuropsychology, Drexel University, Author: Principles of Neuropsychology (Wadsworth)

"As the medical director and school physician for a private boarding high school over the last 18 years, I have a broad experience managing concussions in the adolescent population and have spent many hours caring for and educating students, coaches, athletic training staff, school nurses, faculty/teachers, and parents about concussions.  I especially believe that educating parents of young athletes is extremely important and will go a long way towards preventing catastrophic outcomes that we read so much in the news today. That is why Dr. Moser’s book is so important for parents."

Robin R. Karpf, MD

Medical Director, The Lawrenceville School

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