August 8, 2017

The experience of Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, Ph.D, Director of the Concussion Center of New Jersey, was much the same. “In the past year, we’ve seen more young athletes at our Center who are overly anxious and worried about CTE,” she said. “This worry has become irration...

October 17, 2016

“Taking time off from school or work to rest immediately following a concussion facilitates healing,” says Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, director of the Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey, in Princeton. “The problem is that many doctors interpret the research on exercis...

September 1, 2016

Not Just for Boys: Neuropsychologist discusses concussions in women’s hockey

By Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, PhD

Paige Decker: “The sports climate is beginning to change as a result of concussions ... soon hockey will be safer and we will have a better understanding of concu...

January 20, 2016

The University of Maryland Has a Burgeoning Chocolate-Milk Concussion Scandal on Its Hands by Jesse Singal


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[Dr. Rosemarie Scolaro Moser] emphasized to me that it was hard for her to comment on a set of slides rather than a full study, but sh...

January 11, 2016

Source: STAT News.

Clayton Wilcox, superintendent of a public school system in rural Maryland, says he knows scientists might think he’s “damn nuts.”

But he doesn’t care. He’s planning to buy $25,000 worth of...

Bennett Omalu (L) and actor Will Smith attend a special screening of "Concussion" in Westwood, California.

Source: Wall Street Journal – MarketWatch.

December 18, 2015

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Lately, not a day goes by when we don’t hear about which professional athlete has been sidelined or benched due to a concussion. Formerly the province of boxers, concussions, once calle...

An article featured in USA Hockey magazine by Dr. Rosemarie Moser. A successful athlete knows that great skills on the ice start with your head… or more specifically what is inside your head: your brain. Your brain allows you to plan, organize, execute and sense all th...

November 24, 2015

China forward Yang Li and U.S. midfielder Morgan Brian vie for a head ball. (Lenny Ignelzi/AP)


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"Once I was going up for a header and...

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