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Using Your Head: Your Best Piece of Equipment is One that Money Can’t Buy

WE KNOW THAT FROM THE MOMENT a young athlete takes his or her first hockey strides on the ice, well-fitting quality protective equip- ment is Job One. For that reason, parents are keen on purchasing the latest, and sometimes most expensive, equipment out there. For young players, learning about the equipment — how to put it on, wear it, use it and care for it — is a time-consuming but critical task that leads to success on the ice.

Making sure that you have the best equipment available is critical to preventing and reducing injuries: sturdy skates that support ankles and insteps; pads that fit properly to protect the chest, shoulders, elbows, knees and shins; a form-fitted mouth guard that protects teeth and jaw; and of course a well-fitted, up-to-date helmet. Interactive Magazine or Download the PDF.

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